Make Ahead Holiday Eggnog

This Make Ahead Holiday Eggnog is creamy, delicious and sweet! You literally throw the ingredients in the blender and store in the fridge until ready to serve. It makes 3 quarts and is perfect to bring to someone’s house for the holidays. It can be served at a Christmas tree decorating get together, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and even New Year’s Eve. This is one of those recipes you should be filing away…

Kid-Friendly Breakfast Options

The school year is definitely going to be different this year. Are they going or not? Online? Who knows! I think I have one going and one online. But with that being said I’m going to need to have some healthy breakfast options available.

Triple Berry Smoothie

Happy New Year! I wonder how I got through my days before smoothies… It is such an easy meal or snack. And they always make me feel good. I try to prepare our smoothies for the whole week so we can grab them on the go, in the morning, or whenever we need a quick meal.

Tropical Delight

My 11 year-old Matthew is picky, but also enjoys healthy food. He loves smoothies, but they have to be made his way! He came to me one day with his recipe he calls Tropical Delight.