My life revolves around feeding my family of four. I love to cook for my husband Matt and our two boys(Matthew-14 and Dominick-12). I TRY and cook healthy meals and I TRY to buy organic. And I love my coffee! I grew up in Long Island and always ate really great food!!! While the other kids in school were bringing Lunchables or buying lunch, I was eating a chicken cutlet sandwich!

Matt likes almost everything except for olives, mustard and fancy cheeses-(everything I love)! So I try to find recipes without them or sneak them into the food I make, and then he picks it out….

Matthew is my health nut and he is picky. When I make something he enjoys, he will eat the whole thing. Otherwise, he picks and then smiles at me, because he knows he’s torturing me!

Dominick is my foodie and he loves almost everything! And when he loves it you know it. It’s all over him and the floor.

The goal of my blog is to be able to have fun sharing the foods that work well and not so well for my family. I will continue trying to fill my family with healthy and wholesome food. I hope you enjoy my food, photos and family.