So I’ve never been in an ALDI and they opened one near my house. So, my husband and I wandered in to check it out. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It definitely threw us off when we had to put a quarter in the cart to use it. Lol. And I wasn’t sure what to think about them not having bags(had to pay $ .07 for each bag).

I didn’t love the feel of the store. I think I’m spoiled by my trips to Publix and Trader Joe’s. It didn’t seem like they had much we’d be interested in, but we left spending $72 and got a whole bunch of stuff we needed.

That included all of the above…

Some of the items that impressed me were:

Frozen blueberries- $2.49!

Almond butter- $4.99!

Eggs- $1.37!

3 Pounds of ground turkey- $6.99!

Pistachios- $4.49!

Frozen strawberries- $3.99!

I think I’d wander in again…

Happy Shopping🙂



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