This is a true story…

I had been looking for rugs for my home for several years. I am a bit of a neat freak, so when we had two dogs I could never keep the rugs clean. I would buy them and they usually can only be spot cleaned. So, after a couple of months I threw them out. Unfortunately, both of our pups passed away. And my search for rugs continued.

I finally gave in and bought this rug for my kitchen…download

BTW, that’s a meatball!

The next day my sister and my nephew Joseph came to visit from New York. He took off his diaper and peed right on my new rug! We realized we couldn’t put it in the wash, so we scrubbed it as good as we could. And the story repeats itself over and over. Meatballs, sauce, wine, and the list goes on.

No matter how hard I try not to spill things, it happens. Once a week I would shake it out and hang it outside. When my husband came home from work I would have him hose it down with dish soap. Needless to say, it takes 3 days to dry and doesn’t look very presentable anymore as you can see in the pic above. What a waste of money.

I found a solution and have to share it with you…


If you have pets, this is the rug for you.

If you have kids, this is the rug for you.

If you live in your kitchen like me, this is the rug for you.

There are several sizes, colors and patterns to choose from. I chose the runner(2.5′ X 7′) for my kitchen and it fits perfectly. I was so excited to choose a bold pattern for once. I love the colors.




It comes with a non-slip rug pad. The rug cover clings to the rug pad and stays perfectly in place! The Ruggable cover is 100% waterproof, stain resistant and machine washable! I have not had to wash mine yet, but am weirdly looking forward to it! I did easily vacuum it. I will update the post once I have washed and dried as directed.

I would never feel bad about spending my money on a Ruggable rug due to the fact that it will not get ruined. And if I feel like I want to change the pattern or color, I can just purchase a new cover. I’m hooked.

Click here, and use code FEEDINGTHEFAM for 15% off your purchase!




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