Bread, Milk and Eggs!

This is one of those things that my mom made us for breakfast, lunch or dinner when we were kids. And I do the same. My kids are still on holiday vacation and I am literally cooking from morning to night.  I’m getting tired of it, and I can’t keep my fridge and pantry stocked enough!  But I always have bread, milk and eggs!

I keep sliced bread from Publix in the freezer all the time. I use the Italian sliced bread for my kids. But you can substitute a healthier bread or even something like Challah bread! That’s really good  And this takes 10 minutes.

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French Toast


  • sliced bread(3 slices)
  • eggs(2 eggs)
  • half and half, milk, or almond milk


  1. Put a little butter in a pan and heat on low to medium heat.
  2. Crack two eggs in a bowl.
  3. Add a drop of half and half(or milk or almond milk) and whiskThat is all I add.  Some people might prefer to add in a little sugar or vanilla at this point, but we like it simple just like this.
  4. Place bread in egg mixture and coat both sides. You don’t want to drench it, just coat it and let the extra egg drip off.
  5. Put it in the pan and brown both sides. It should be brown and a little crisp on the outside.  You don’t want soggy french toast.

I usually top it with powdered sugar and a little syrup. And I serve it with a side of fruit.

A few years back I changed the syrup I was using due to the caramel color. I will never go back to the other kind. This syrup (Log Cabin all natural table syrup) is tasty and way healthier. My kids love it and we don’t even like the taste of the other kind with all the added crap.



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