Homemade Bagels



Being from long Island, I am very picky about my bagels. It’s very hard to find a good bagel in Florida. When we visit New York we always make an effort to get bagels. And as good as it might be, it’s not really giving me any nutrition.

My mother in law was visiting and said she tried to make these healthier bagels and that they were really good. I didn’t think they were going to be good. So, we got the ingredients and made them. The link to the recipe is below:


We used half white flour and half whole wheat flour and topped them with everything bagel seasoning.

They were super easy to make! And delicious! We really enjoyed them. Maybe next time we’ll throw an egg and cheese in the middle for the real Long Island deli breakfast I miss so much!

These were good warm out of the oven. They were also delicious the next day toasted with butter. This is a great, easy, healthy recipe.



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